Linkages project

Connections in palliative and aged care: seven strategies for successful linkages

Older people at the end of their lives often have unique and complex health and support needs.

To address these needs, palliative care can be provided in many different settings including community and residential aged care services. Many different health professionals and community service providers are involved in providing this care.  

To ensure high quality and well-coordinated palliative care, teamwork, partnerships, connection and cooperation across services and care providers is needed. ‘Linkage strategies’ are one way to achieve these.

Seven strategies promote linkages between specialist palliative care, primary care and aged care: 

  • role clarification
  • written and verbal communication pathways
  • multidisciplinary team structures
  • formalised agreements and plans
  • designated linkage workers
  • knowledge exchange and upskilling
  • continuous improvement.

Using one or more of these strategies will enhance the connection between service providers, and ultimately improve outcomes for older Australians at the end of life.  

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