About palliative care

Quality care at the end-of-life

Palliative care provides people with a life-limiting illness relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of their illness. It requires a team effort between aged care staff and health professionals, among others, to improve quality-of-life for the person and their family.

This kind of care is especially important as the number of ageing Australians with progressive chronic conditions increases. Today, most people die an expected death from one or a combination of various conditions. Most Australians say that they would prefer to be cared for and to die at home, but only a minority actually do. 

Aged care workers and general practice clinicians are essential in planning and providing for the end-of-life care that Australians want. 

Decision Assist provides aged care workers and healthcare professionals with the resources and support they need to provide palliative care, such as a palliative care advisory line, workshops,and online learning.

Doctor explaining end of life care options

Palliative care

A framework of palliative care for GPs

The majority of Australians report that they would prefer to be cared for and to die at home, but in reality only a minority achieve this outcome.

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